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Saturday 11 July 2020

What's On

Welcome to the One Chippenham What's On page.
The idea for the One Chippenham website came from many conversations with people who live in Chippenham and yet can’t find out what’s on in their town. It also responds to the voluntary, community groups and small businesses who struggle to let people know about the brilliant work that they’re doing, or to get people to attend their events and support their work.
Time and again, we’d hear phrases like ‘it went quite well. Not enough people, but we’ll try again’. ‘Did you advertise? I didn’t see it anywhere’. Or ‘we didn’t know it had happened until it was over’. We knew that the answer to a lot of this would be to create one single place, to find everything you need to know, and we think that this is it.
This page hosts an events calendar where you can find out 'what's on' in Chippenham. We hope in the long term that the calendar will hold information about all of the many different events that take place in Chippenham - performances, workshops, gigs, classes, exhibitions, festivals and so on. In the short term we hope it will be a place to let people know about your virtual events.
You can also 'add your own event' to the calendar - just fill in the online form with your information and a jpeg and we will do a quick check before making the event live as soon as possible. Are you running an event or have you heard about an event? Please let us know by adding your own event or by getting in touch with the information.
You can go directly to the event calendar or to add your own event from our homepage by clicking on the arrow to the right of the What's on link and selecting the option you would like. #OneChippenham